Gaming improves multitasking skills.


About olesyalutsenko

Russian-born author and lecturer came from the Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University in Mykolaijv to teach maritime English and Cultural Awareness at the De Ruyter Maritime College and De Ruyter Maritime Academy in the Netherlands. My experiences have strengthened my belief that nautical students must be specially trained to deal with the multicultural working environment they are likely to encounter at sea... I consider the Intercultural Competence as an integrated part of the 21 century skills.
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2 Responses to Gaming improves multitasking skills.

  1. jeblok1 says:

    Very interesting. Our brain is flexible. Playing games at older age keeps your brain not only in good health, but improves multitasking skills.

  2. May be in 20 years there will be special schools/education for elderlies to train their brains. It could be essential, considering the increase of the pension age till 72 years.

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