LA 3 Implementation of the educational innovation.

Good day, everyone. Here is my first concept about the LA3 assignment. Feedback is welcome and highly appreciated! If someone has a similar topic, it would be nice to brainstorm or exchange peer reviews.

RVT pitch


About olesyalutsenko

Russian-born author and lecturer came from the Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University in Mykolaijv to teach maritime English and Cultural Awareness at the De Ruyter Maritime College and De Ruyter Maritime Academy in the Netherlands. My experiences have strengthened my belief that nautical students must be specially trained to deal with the multicultural working environment they are likely to encounter at sea... I consider the Intercultural Competence as an integrated part of the 21 century skills.
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2 Responses to LA 3 Implementation of the educational innovation.

  1. Petra says:

    Hi Olesya, I read you piece and I wonder why you first mention the school organization perspective and then the professional capital and system perspective. I believe you can say more about the school organization perspective (not only based on Verbiest) and describe whether the implementation worked according to this perspective or not. Perhaps you can add what it would have been like if they used the professional capital or system based approach. I also think you can give more information about the necessity of this innovation from a broader perspective. But overall I think you made good start with LA3!

  2. Hi Petra, thank you for your swift reply. In our learning team 3 we made an appointment to prepare A4 about the La3 ideas in order to help each other to choose for the most suitable perspective. We decided to include four points in A4: 1) description of the innovation; 2) motivation to choose for this innovation; 3) the implemented perspective; 4) the perspective you would like to use. This explains the structure of my paper.

    I must say that your feedback already gave me new insights! You are completely right about the theoretical background of the OD perspective. I am already working on it.

    The Management team of the Maritime College is particularly interested educational analysis of the RVT implementation. In your comment you suggest to compare the OD and the professional capital. Based on this feedback I would consider to analyse two perspective simultaneously in order to get better insights on the educational process.

    Good tip to start with the “broader perspective”! Firstly, makes the choice of the professional capital more logical, secondly, it corresponds with the rubrics!

    Thanks and till tomorrow!

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