LA3. Considerations of the conflicting roles in the LA3 and LA5.

Choosing for the team professionalization innovation is an attempt to contribute to and speed-up the bottom-up team professionalization implementation.

Another motive to choose for this theme is a strong thematic interconnection between the learning arrangement 5 (LA5): “Practical research” and the LA3. Learning arrangements interconnection leads to the involvement of more stakeholders what improves the journalistic process, and, consequently, the LA3 analysis and the critical advice. Moreover, it strengthens my role as a “puller” and a motivator in a team professionalization process during both arrangements.

Nevertheless, the goal of the action research is distribution of a collegial consultancy positive experience among the team in order to involve “traditionals” and “lagards” in a follow-up professionalization (Rogers, 2003). It asks for a diplomatic and thoughtful critical analysis distribution during the action research.

Moreover, the team context analysis and the questionnaire data showed that the team reflection competence  scores “2” in a 5-point Likert scale.

Therefore, it was chosen not to use this personal Blog to publish the LA3 paper critical analysis during the action research as it can effect my green-print role as a motivator and a stimulator (De Caluwé and Vermaak , 2006).  Considering the rational maritime culture, the critical analysis will be based on the visualised findings collected by means of the questionnaire and distributed after the LA5 experiment, namely, end December.

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LA3. Feedback form for Caroline

fb_formulier_for Caroline_ 18-11-2014

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LA3. Guiding Vision on the team professionalization innovation.

Vision on professionalization innovation in the MLCDR

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LA3 Feedback from Caroline

nominatie voor olesya Caroline

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System perspective in animation.

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Heeft rechts altijd voorrang?

Heeft rechts altijd voorrang?.

via Heeft rechts altijd voorrang?.

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L. Stoll talks about professional learning community (PLC).

L. Stoll highlights the importance of teachers’ empowerment through collaboration, as well as the development of school cultures valuing shared responsibilities.

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